Welcome to The New Zealand Institute of Minimal Intervention Dentistry. The NZIMID is an profession leading focus group promoting the globally acclaimed principals of minimal intervention (MI). As you may already be aware MI is a rapidly expanding area of dental care that is applicable to all practitioners in all practices. MI is often mistaken for the ‘land of high technology’ and “dinky little holes”. In truth while many of our members have chosen to implement MI using the wonderful technologies around us, any practitioner can incorporate the basic philosophy of minimal intervention into their practicing life. In joining us we hope you will invigorate your working week, bring many of the MI concepts to your patient care and enjoy open-minded professional contact.


Dr Adam Durning began the Institute in April 2003 along with a group of dentists who had a similar vision of where modern dentistry was heading. The institute was initially set up for the purpose of creating a formal organisation for Dental Laser users. Over recent years technological advances within the field of dentistry have created a need for a progressive organisation to support the dentists incorporating and using these technologies in their practices.

Initially, this brought together Dental Laser users for meetings and lectures building a communal bond and support system between those Dentists. This has quickly evolved to be more encompassing than Dental Lasers hence the name change to The New Zealand Institute of Minimal Intervention Dentistry which reflects the more encompassing aims of the founding members. This is the evidence based discipline dealing with oral hard and soft tissue savings procedures with the primary goal of improving the quality of life through lifelong optimal oral health. The NZIMID is now formally affiliated with the World Congress of Minimal Intervention Dentistry and with the New Zealand Dental Association.

The development of CAD CAM, DIAGNOdent, magnification, air abrasion, Lasers, CAMBRA and PRADA protocols created a need for an organisation to support and teach these minimal intervention treatment philosophies and treatment modalities.


Goals & Vision

  • To develop support systems for MI practitioners across New Zealand.
  • To ensure high standards are attained through quality continuing education.
  • Members meetings and annual conference.
  • Provide continuing broad based education that is relevant to the minimal intervention philosophy.
  • Bring international speakers to the annual conference to provide an international perspective to the minimal intervention philosophy.
  • Maintain close contact with the dental industry to ensure the most effective equipment, technical and material support is available.
  • Membership will provide a $50.00 discount to the annual open conference as well as free continuing education conference available to members only (meals and accommodation not included)
  • Members only conference will provide a forum for discussion, case presentations by members and relevant industry presentations.




If you have any queries please feel free to contact either of us below:

Andrea Clarke

President NZIMID

Jenni Gibson

Tel: 06 345 3030
Email Jenni



Join NZIMID to gain the benefits of knowledge & experience from like-minded professional and also receive discounted conference registrations.

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NZIMID is an affiliated society of the New Zealand Dental Association

NZIMID - New Zealand Institute of Minimal Intervention Dentistry

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