17th Annual Conference

Conference: Saturday 7th March 2020
Hands-On Course: Sunday 8th & Monday 9th March 2020
Dr Jason Smithson


Qualified at the Royal London Hospital in 1995; achieving a number of awards including The Constance Klein Memorial, The Stafford Millar, and The Malcolm Jenkins Scholarships, The American Association of Endodontics Prize and the Overall Award for Clinical Dentistry.

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After spending 3 years in oral surgery residency in London and a further year practicing restorative dentistry in London’s Harley Street Medical District, he relocated to Cornwall in the extreme southwest of England. Jason practices at Revitalise, Cornwall, UK where his main focus is microscope enhanced adhesive dentistry. His specific interest is direct composite resin artistry and minimally invasive all ceramic restorations and he has presented to dentists locally, nationally and internationally (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe) on this topic. He is a Post-Graduate Clinical Lecturer in both the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly and Plymouth Foundation Dental Practitioners Schemes.

He has given hands on programs in the UK, Europe, Asia, Canada and USA on behalf of GC, Ivoclar Vivadent, Kerr, Hereaus, Optident, Micerium, Carl Zeiss, Global, Velopex and Triodent.

He is a UK “Opinion Leader” for Cosmedent (Enlighten Smiles), A European “Key Opinion Leader” for Hereaus-Kulzer and is a member of the European Restorative Advisory Board for GC Europe. Jason is Resident Faculty at The Centre for Esthetic Excellence, Chicago, USA. He is an Accredited International Trainer for Carl Zeiss Dental Academy.

Jason has achieved Diplomat Status in Restorative Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons (England).

He is on the Editorial Board of The Russian Journal of Esthetic Dentistry and has published numerous articles on adhesive and aesthetic dentistry in both the UK and abroad. He is joint author of “Vertical Margin Finish Lines In Fixed Prosthodontics”.


Conference Saturday 7th March 2020


Direct Resin in the Anterior Dentition: The ABCDE of the complex case



Conventionally, discoloured teeth and advanced wear cases are treated with indirect restorations: crowns and veneers. This approach is well based in the literature and over time, has proven highly successful, however, in some cases it may prove expensive in terms of overall cost, treatment times and most critically loss of tooth structure.

This Master class is designed to allow the experienced practitioner to confidently approach more challenging anterior cases with direct resin in combination with simple orthodontic therapy, occlusal rehabilitation and bleaching where indicated.

  • Align
  • Bleach
  • Composite Resin
  • Dahl-Type Approach
  • Equilibration


What You Will Learn:

  • A simple approach to the direct resin veneer: create masterpieces easily and predictably.
  • Masking discoloured teeth with direct resin.
  • How to handle the peg lateral and microdont teeth.
  • Functional smile design.
  • How to handle complex cases such as discoloured and misaligned teeth with direct resin in conjunction with simple short-term orthodontics and home whitening.
  • A predictable approach to reconstruct worn broken down teeth creating functional occlusions with direct resin.
  • To include increasing the vertical dimension and re-establishing anterior guidance.


And much, much more…



Indirect Restorations, from Concept to Completion, A Restorative Odyssey

A comprehensive approach for the restoration of anterior and posterior teeth with all ceramic onlays and crowns with Vertical Margins. The emphasis is on adhesive, minimally invasive tooth coloured restorations: from treatment planning, through preparation, impression taking, provisionalisation and final cementation/finishing.


What You Will Learn:

  • Biologically sound principles in relation to tooth reduction, margin design and finishing.
  • Which margin, when and why? Vertical Margin Design.
  • Immediate Dentine Sealing and Gingival Margin Elevation for optimal adhesion.
  • The Pillars of Adhesive Preparation Design: make your in vivo preps approach in vitro bond strengths.
  • The Concept of Ferrule (Vertical and Horizontal).
  • Tissue Management for long- term periodontal health.
  • Which cement and why…simple usable day-to-day protocols.
  • Cementation and Finishing Procedures for  invisible margins.
  • Provisionals for minimal preparation ceramic.


Lecture 7 CPD Points


Hands-On Course

Sunday 8th & Monday 9th March 2020

NOTE: The Sunday course is now fully booked

Biomimetic Minimally Invasive Restorative Dentistry in Everyday Practice



In recent years it has become well accepted that direct composite resin restorations are predictable in small to medium sized cavities; similarly, the durability of full coverage crowns is well known. However the grey area is when a cavity falls somewhere between the two:

  • What do we do when a direct restoration would seem wildly optimistic, yet a crown overly destructive?
  • Similarly, how do we approach anterior teeth that have large fractures without removing more and more enamel?

These and many other similar questions go through the mind of the busy general practitioner many times every day. This comprehensive, evidence-based class offers clear, easily understandable protocols to simplify the decision making process and compliments this with end-to-end workflows to rapidly restore posterior teeth with indirect ceramic onlays and anterior teeth with direct composite resin.



  • How to prepare ultra-conservative ceramic onlays in teeth, which are too heavily broken down for direct resin whilst avoiding aggressive full veneer crown preparations: step-by-step protocols for simple, rapid preparation from compromised tooth to ideal prep within 10 minutes.
  • How to deal with margins, which are deep within the gingival sulcus: GME (Gingival Margin Elevation) for hard tissue conservation, simplified impression taking and easy cementation.
  • How to optimise bond strengths in conservative non-retentive onlay preparations with IDS (Immediate Dentine Sealing).
  • How to restore a large MID fracture on an anterior tooth with direct-resin, yet achieve aesthetics to rival porcelain.
  • How to create believable incisal edge effects such as opacities, incisal edge halos and crack lines.
  • How to rapidly polish to recreate natural enamel surfaces.


What You will Learn:


Restore an upper incisor tooth class 4 with direct resin, create life-like incisal edge effects and finish with a rapid efficient polishing protocol.


Prepare an upper first molar for an MOD Ceramic Onlay with IDS, GME and fabrication of a provisional restoration.

The class is intended to be informal with questions taken “on the hoof” throughout the day. Dr Smithson demonstrates each case in its entirety via overhead projection: the participants then have the opportunity to ask questions before completing the exercise themselves with close support from Jason.


Hands-on 6.5 CPD points



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NZIMID - New Zealand Institute of Minimal Intervention Dentistry